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Mammal Enclosure at London Zoo

Part 1 Project 2007
Jonathan Shaw
University of Sheffield, UK
The Koala, a mammal of an arboreal nature and two distinct variations; the Victoria, a temperate climate Koala, and the Queensland, a subtropical inhabiting Koala.
This provided the basis to create captivating environments read though structural composition and transitional experiences, offering an integrated design for the user and an enriching Koala habitat.
Through breaking down barriers between animal and visitor, using distance as the ‘boundary’, visitors appreciate an immersive environment along the varied sightlines within the forest floor, or crossing among the tree tops. All enclosed by a gridshell that emulates a canopy capturing the essence of diverse lighting.

Jonathan Shaw

This project offers a New Facility for Koala Bears within the eclectic setting of London Zoo. Early work focused on the animals characteristics, and developed into providing an appropriate setting for the bears and humans to interact. The final piece of work is exemplary as not only does it offer fantastic tectonically resolved architecture but also a subtle and varied spatial sequence for visitors. His ability to think creatively in 3 dimensions is apparent through the spatial and techtonic narrative. Overall this is an amazing piece that provides stimulating architecture that is materially tactile and environmentally responsive.

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