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Latent City - Megastructure

Part 2 Project 2007
Dan Kerr
University of Huddersfield Huddersfield UK
The thesis for this design is an architectural laboratory, proposed by an accompanying dissertation called 'Superhistory'.

The aim of a superhistoric lab is to test design in a plausible distant future and thereby determine what attributes lead to architectural persistence. The specific intensions are to test the plausibility of the laboratory itself. It does this by assembling components such as topology, urban grid and typology on the basis of the hypothesis established in the dissertation.

The laboratory's assembly and the running of an event (the experiment), reveals narrative and scale as essential elements of architectural theory.

Dan Kerr

The project imagines the future beyond that which can be forecast. It explores the possibility that human civilisation may have fallen and risen many times and questions what such a future might be

The approach taken is to visualise the future through a set of 'knowables', which. according to the student's own premise in an accompanying written dissertation, are fundamental and not cultural or technological extrapolations of the present

The experiment takes 'contemporary city grids' and 'active topologies' as knowables and assembles them to create a distant future urban scenario

Ultimately this ambitious programme unveils a demand for human narrative

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