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A Revolution of Movement

Part 2 Project 2007
Alexandra Jones
University of Sheffield, UK
‘A chance meeting between a dancer and a drunk’. A fictitious meeting of two very distinct types of movements inspire a new urban scape in Accrington.

Accrington has grown out of movement: spinning looms and habitual path of the workers – yet the bustle of its streets has dwindled. A stopping device encourages fleeting pauses on the street generating social connections: new movements aim to reinvigorate the community with a sense of vitality and pride. Informed by dancing on site, a dance centre spills and tumbles over surfaces while erratic ‘drunkspaces’ bring people together and break down social hierarchies.

Alexandra Jones

A fascinating proposal for a dance centre which weaves its way through the cobbled streets of Accrington. Alex explored the analogy between a foundation and a dance step and designed a series of ‘footings’ by which the building danced across the site. The building stamps into the cobbles of the alley, teeters on tall stiletto columns and stands on pointe with its ankles wrapped. Alex’s project excels through its rigour and its passion. Her project blends highly perceptive conceptual work and an individual architectural language with technical skill. Her architecture is full of life and personality….and it makes me smile.

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