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Photography Centre

Part 2 Project 2007
David Yeates
University of Portsmouth UK
The project is a response to a large urban masterplan developed as a studio group. It was an opportunity to expand my Dissertation research in to Deconstructivism in architecture and explore the conventional interpretations of scale and form. It seeks to create a positive outcome from the combination of regulated and non-regulated elements present from the masterplan.

Photography is used as a metaphor throughout the building, allowing me to explore qualities in form, materiality, varying the appearance and experience of interior and exterior spaces. As well as a main photography museum the centre contains functions including traditional development and digital editing rooms, studio spaces and teaching facilities. Galleries contain historical and contemporary exhibitions of photographic work, designed to complement the existing cultural buildings in Rotterdam.

David Yeates

Rotterdam presented many opportunities as an urban design platform, as a city undergoing regeneration of its cultural and physical infrastructure, the photography museum as a brief evolved from an understanding of the site in Rotterdam, to complement existing museum provision in the city. Specifically , David responded to the brief using photography as a metaphor in terms of contrast of materials , space and light. Also the medium of photography informs aspects of interior and exterior space. The building became a digital interactive screen. Cladding material which defined the building reacted to this interplay of positive and negative . One element of the building is heavy black concrete, suggesting enclosed heavy space. The other is a semi- translucent glazed wall separating inside from out creating a light exhibition gallery. This contrast of spaces was considered from interior to exterior spaces and also at the scale of the city form building to urban square.

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