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Suburbia Immaterialis

Part 2 Project 2007
Kay Boardman
Oxford Brookes University, UK
Initial investigations into suburbia lead me to explore beyond the surface of what we see. I started to discover what was below the plane of the visual and the textures and emotions that the facade held.

The suburban home is not inhabited; it is worn. The architecture of the domestic is tailored around the body and has an intimate relationship with its resident. This lead to a challenging of exploration into the way that the home can be re-drawn to represent the habitation of the space and the wrapping of the occupant by the architecture.

Kay Boardman

As our culture increasingly asks us to reveal our inner selves, thus the fragile neurosis of suburban privacy is questioned here.

In Kay Boardman’s open ended drawings and makings, private occupation is pulled into the public realm at every scale, from urban to domestic, and in ways that prioritise haptic sensual experience over materialistic display.

Kay’s drawings and made pieces are not so much definitions of the limits or construction of spaces, as delicate tracings of their ephemeral occupation. In her final ‘tailored’ piece, walls disappear but surfaces remain. A critique of the role of architectural representation is begged.

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