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Kelvingrove in Kircudbright

Part 1 Project 2007
David Harris
Mackintosh School of Architecture, UK
at the close of the 19th century the estuary town of kirkudbright was home to many influential scottish artists. the building will provide a permenant home for their work within the town which inspired it.

a careful investigation of the town identified
under utilised open spaces and community resources within the historic/cultural center of the town.

the gallery space became a driver to provide a broader cultural complex which would provide community facilities alongside the permenent and contemporary galleries.

open external spaces work in synthesis with the ambitions of the gallery and community facillities.

David Harris

The project examines the relationship between a small town and a particular activity, one that has shaped or sustained a community. In considering Kirkcudbright, renowned as an artist’s colony since the turn of the last century, the student was asked to consider patterns and drivers of previous growth and the specific characteristics of a small burgh, in order to speculate on how an architectural intervention could mark the evolving connection between artist and town. The project therefore sets demands beyond the delivery of a building alone, requiring both an understanding of the existing and a strategic view of future.

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