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Making A Gateway: New Cultural Quarter For The City Of Sligo

Part 2 Project 2007
John Bruen
Queen's University Belfast, UK
John’s research into the history of Sligo, it’s people, their habitation and engagement with the surrounding landscape has been of great value to the architecture of the project. This is true of both the master plan (which has been diligently and thoughtfully prepared) and the cultural facility building that is the main part of the project.

The innovative use of structural timber, a mix of in-situ and pre-cast concrete, and Kilkenny limestone cladding demonstrates a versatile understanding of the technical and narrative content of the work. This discussion of material quality has been resolved further in an enjoyable landscape proposal which mediates sensitively between river front and town centre.

John Bruen

The 2002 governmental National Spatial Strategy of Ireland identified a number of new “Gateway Cities” at key locations around Ireland to be developed in order to address the regional economic imbalance throughout the country.

This study takes, Sligo, a “Gateway City” in the North West of Ireland and considers an approach for the city to fulfil its potential while respecting its historical and regional context. The approach considers an overall transport strategy, masterplan for the rejuvenation of a city block reusing listed buildings and new cultural facilities, which explore the economic and social advantages of exploiting the commonality of these facilities by grouping them together.

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