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Part 1 Project 2007
Lim Wenjie Sarah
National University of Singapore, Singapore
A malay shadow puppetry show encompasses more than a mere entertaining performance, above all, it is a social event where people meet to interact in an informal environment while watching the show. In this project i try to explore the ideas of reinterpretating the traditional village like setting of malay shadow puppetry performances and attempted to bring back the richer experience of interaction while watching a show.
Lim Wenjie Sarah

Sarah proved to be capable to deal with multiple aspects of architecture. She emphasised social aspects of the Wayang Kulit, as an event that generates gathering space. As a designer, she sought spatial responses to both conventional and convivial aspects of space which form the essence of shadow puppetry. Her design is contextual. It intelligently integrates the existing slope as an opportunity, rather than constraint. Her sensitivity for vernacular quality enabled Sarah to create contemporary architecture, while utilising environmentally responsible materials and proposing appropriate construction technology. As her tutor, I appreciated both her work and her attitude towards architecture and learning.

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