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Part 1 Project 2007
Romulus Sim
Manchester School of Architecture, UK
William J. Mitchell likened working in the 21st century to swarms of bees, where we distribute ourselves in a seemingly disordered arrangement, but constantly form clusters which break up, re-group and relocate.

Electronically, we swarm over vast geographical terrains.

In, the mediated environment becomes intertwined with the city. It offers a sense of place which is opportunistic; a place capable of constructing contemporary urban work environments.

It is embodied in the urban fabric, a rich weave of global cultures flocking at a virtual waterhole, grounded in immediate connections with the city.

It is not just a place; it is a culture of living.

Romulus Sim

Swarm is a workplace for the twenty first century that reflects shifting socio economic patterns in a contemporary urban context – the project explores performance, place and event in the context of the instrumentality of the electronic paradigm. It gathers in the abandoned waterways that both fed the growth of the world`s first industrial city and divided into two political domains – Manchester and Salford. The project is immaculately executed employing soundscapes, time based media, physical / virtual models and performance art to explore the underlying concepts and verify the work as architecture.

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