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House Seeding

Part 1 Project 2007
Youngjoon Chung
Korea National University of Arts, South Korea
Is an apartment block the only solution to mass housing in Asia? The project starts out with manifesting Seoul through the mutation of its urban conditions. The '5D Vertex City' experiments with possible relationships between public-ness and private-ness. Linking these considerations with the actual project new boundaries are defined in mass housing. The design not only experiments with the inner boundaries but is also concerning the relation with existing houses in the context, overcoming the erasure of the existing fabric of the city by ruthless insertion of whole new gated apartment complexes into the city.
Youngjoon Chung

Questioning the Korean obsession for the ‘Apartment’ as the ultimate typology for living, Young Joon Chung discovered during the studio process, with the tasks APT-Makeover, Seoul Manifesto, and Seoul Future Housing, the essential flaws with this typology. Reintroducing lost values as community, adaptability, complexity, sustainable urbanism, and human scale, he succeeded in a wonderful way to understand and to utilize fundamental sociological and architectural principles for his design, which expose formal decisions as a secondary question in the context of housing.

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