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Economic Facilitiator_Brazilian Amazonia

Part 2 Project 2007
Maya Carni
Architectural Association, UK
The deforestation of the Amazon, currently the regions primary economic resource, is also a major cause of global warming. Offering financially viable alternatives for the region can alleviate this situation.
Situated in the city of Belem, Brazil, the gateway to the Amazon, the project is a prototypical development aiming to instigate economic exchange between indigenous producers of sustainable rainforest products and foreign investors
Intensive on site research of local culture, environmental conditions and materials informed formal strategies generating low energy building performance.
The hope is for the architecture to attract and educate about the importance of ecological building and sustainable economies.

Maya Carni

Maya´s project demonstrates a type of ‘Environmental Ornamentation’, to make ecological lifestyles more accessible and appealing to both the local inhabitants and outside investors in the Amazon. To reduce deforestation, alternative sustainable economies, which are needed to sustain the forest’s inhabitants, should be branded in a compelling manner. Maya’s project promotes sustainable products within an elegant combination of grid-shell structures, natural ventilation, and diffused sun-lighting systems. She creates novel atmospheric effects in the channeling of wind and light, as well as the movement of pedestrian and economic flows, inventing a more socially and aesthetically engaging type of ecological architecture.

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