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Industrial Metropolis

Part 2 Project 2007
Ritesh Patel
University of Lincoln, UK
Drawing inspiration from petro-chemical plants, which I found visually fascinating, I decided to impose a visual interpretation of an industrial cityscape along Trafford Wharf, in the aim of developing my architectonic language, which transformed into an interpretation of an inhabitable industrial metropolis

The scheme developed through a series of sketched landscapes, which progressed into a 3dimensional model, formulating a clustered landscape. Concentrating on a small section of the landscape, a single bespoke apartment was developed.

The clustered multi-levelled apartments are compacted together creating a cityscape; you almost cease to define the individual apartments and doing so creating this sophisticated metropolis.

Ritesh Patel

The basis of the scheme is a re-assessment of the particular and immediately recognisable physicality of industrial (petrochemical)
installations in order to posit new modes of architecture for super high-density urban living. The result is an intriguing assemblage of
structure, forms and spaces, deliberately devoid of any recognisable components of contemporary urban living. The scheme's power lies in its daring scope, its dream-like quality and its seductive projection of an
as yet unrealised future.

It is a bold statement that clearly illustrates the author's confidence and capabilities by his rooting of the project firmly within the realm
of ideas.

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