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The Dam Busters and The Derwent Dam

Part 2 Project 2007
Jonathan Clements
Newcastle University, UK
My thesis was an investigation into the nature of a changed landscape; set in the Peak District National Park, the Derwent Valley now contains 3 dams and reservoirs.

The Dam Busters used the area during the Second World War to practice low level flying for their subsequent bombing mission in Western Germany. Although the mission was seen as a great success many lives were lost unintentionally.

The new intervention seeks to provide on one hand a memorial to the losses and interventions of the site, whilst also acting as a centre to promote visitor learning, exploration and accommodation.

Jonathan Clements

Design Thesis students are required to research, select and define an individual architectural design thesis project by way of a declared Line of Enquiry, Thematic Framework, Functional Programme, Theoretical & Physical Context , Technological interest and set of Precedent studies.

The interesting architectural proposals explored in the design of this project were generated from a combination of environmental, landscape, functional and symbolic/expressive reflections. The design was rigorously explored, tested and developed at all stages through drawings and numerous models. The whole output demonstrates the development/maturing of a personal design methodology that promises to deliver buildings of quality in the future.

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