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People's Palace

Part 2 Project 2007
Simon Kay-Jones
Liverpool John Moores University, UK
The Peoples Palace, the Heart of a Community

The Dichotomy between the civic role of cities and the servicing of inhabitants is played out in the forming of two polemic sides to the Palace of the People.
1, the White palace, Sacred, permanent and spiritual.
2, the Red Palace. temporary and without morality.

This together with a ‘public power station’ for the future of ‘Green Manchester’ to clean the air, heat the water & generate electricity. Establishes four themes that are explored,
The Tower (The Beacon)
The White Palace (The Sacred).
The Red Palace (The Infrastructure)
The Greenhouse (The Feeding).

Simon Kay-Jones

This project synthesises a number of current issues in a truly innovative way.

At the district scale, a much-maligned river is brought back into daily use, productive landscapes of food and fuel replace those of asphalt and 'beauty', while the idea 'Peoples' Palace' is re-interpreted, creating a series of internal and external event spaces that suggest that public life is not as yet extinct.

The 'campanile' in the public square absorbs carbon dioxide and re-directs it to the greenhouses.

This kind of city goes well beyond the banality of 'green', and projects that 'carbon neutral' does not go far enough.

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