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Office On The Edge of Eden

Part 2 Project 2007
Jasmine Punatar
University of the West of England, UK
This project is a study of the liminal spaces of Stokes Croft, Bristol and its overlapping hinterland. The focus is the site of Westmoreland house and its immediate surroundings.

The first part of the project investigates the urban context of the site and some of the wider issues concerning it, while the second part concentrates on the design of a bank on that site.

As the office client is a Bristol based ‘ethical bank’, the building aims to serve as both an urban regenerator and as an example of a building with minimal/positive environmental impact.

Jasmine Punatar

The Stokes Croft road runs along a valley floor in to north Bristol. Its topography, ferocious traffic and disorderly uses conspire to split the neighbourhoods of Cotham, Kingsdown, Montpelier and St. Pauls into separated communities that are marginalised, suffer endemic unemployment and a withdrawal of investment and trade. This project looks to alleviate this condition and argues for a new local park connecting Stokes Croft into a wider network of parks and cycle-routes from the Bristol Downs through to Broadmead. New offices are made central to this parkland regeneration, augment existing patterns of use with new occupants.

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