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Kirkistown Car Technology Centre - N.Ireland

Part 2 Project 2007
Linton Selfridge
University of Lincoln, UK
Kirkistown car technology centre is a production process building and this ideology was employed in creating an architectonic language. The language for the scheme derived form a virtual deconstruction of a De Lorean DMC-12 and the multiplication of its components. These groups of multiplied components became the focal point of investigation in relation to form and spatial arrangements.
A balance had to be achieved between architectural form and operational flow, and making a connection to the existing composition of the site. The centre is a hub where research, design, manufacturing and testing of motor sport vehicles can be preformed.

Linton Selfridge

The project's genesis lies in the examination of a De Lorean motor car. The deconstruction of this flawed but iconic vehicle was undertaken as a process of scientific analysis. What it revealed was an omnipresent,
rhythmic beauty derived from the repetition of the car's components. Linton then focussed upon harnessing the curious power of a single
component when multiplied countless times.

The resultant design - developed with clear sense of irony - is a Formula One Team Headquarters. The facility represents the height of automotive technology and is a clear manifestation of Linton's fascination with translating conceptual intent into detail design.

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