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Apostate Media Agency, Fleet Street

Part 2 Project 2007
Alex Jones
University of Westminster, UK
This is the lair of the 'Renegade Preacher', the charismatic evangelist of news, a collector of information. He reinterprets digital data from the internet, exposing his 'truth', which is then projected to the world. As an impartial organization free from the trappings of religious faith, sectional views or political party, it has no allegiances.

Apostate Media sits at the point of collision between the digital and the analogue. It exists in a state between the real and the imagined, in a fissure of time. Its expanded digital form only ever becomes visible during the actual broadcast. The Apostate headquarters is amplified and projected into an imaginary tomorrow of 2057.

Alex Jones

The Apostate Media Agency examines the 24/7 media-saturated environment of our time as an evolving weather system. The project considers the struggle between the orthodox physical analogue world and an emerging evangelical digital paradigm of the pod-cast.

The architecture of the media agency is never complete; it is constantly in a state of unrest, flux and uncertainty. The central mythical character is drawn from the world of cable, the pod-cast, You-Tube and do-it-yourself TV, where sermons timed to fit around advertising slots are broadcast from disused theatres or converted spare rooms. Through new media, the production of physical objects and spaces are replaced by ‘pure news’ as a pseudo-event, where relationships between real time and projection have become blurred.

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