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Re Forming the Para Site

Part 2 Project 2007
Andrea Tsang
McGill University, Montreal Montreal Canada
The integral physical components of the city may be organized, albeit non-categorically, into four parts: architecture, landscape, infrastructure, and public art. Public space is a synthesis of these elements.

Events in public space are vital to a public space's significance in the contemporary city. The re-design of Phillips Square accommodates events on the site in a spectrum of event modes. By providing points, surfaces and spaces of activation for events to occur, and by re-interpreting the boundaries of the site, the potential of the site is maximized.

Andrea Tsang

The final design studio in the M.Arch. (Professional) program requires each student to develop a project that demonstrates their ability to combine architectural design and research skills within a critical understanding of societies potential for change and evolution.

Her project was a detailed investigation into the future of public space in the city. Beginning with a comprehensive historical analysis of an existing public space the work further developed a public space hybrid combining innovative programmatic ideas within a dynamic spatial vocabulary. The use of laser cutting technology and model building showed a willingness to explore the means in which architecture is conceived and presented.

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