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Part 1 Project 2007
Abbas Norozi
Northumbria University, UK
Lordenshaw museum

A space:
repetition of verticals
light scaring surfaces
views over hills
dark acidic soil
timeless grey sandstone
a cool blue shower of light
piercing light like strands of white grass
droplets of water shimmering on edges

Can spaces connect you spiritually, sensually, and, emotionally to the world that surrounds you?

Can spaces be timeless?

How would you design a museum that did this?

“A vast endless expanse of sky ... still, no wind, no moon, no storm - indeed a storm would have been some consolation for then one would at least see life and movement somewhere.” Marie von Kügelgen

Abbas Norozi

Northumberland is one of the UK centres for Neolithic and Early Bronze Age settlements. The design brief asked students to design a museum for Neolithic man.

Some evidence of Neolithic man still remains in the Northumberland in the form of cup and ring markings carved into rocks found scattered over Northumberland’s hills.

Little is known about these markings and their true age and whether they were created in the production of polished stone axes or as a religious act that reflect early man’s connection to the universe that surrounded him.

Stephen Baty

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