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Grouping of housings "La Isla"

Part 2 Project 2007
Sandra Aylwin
University of Valparaiso Valparaiso Chile
Grouping of housings sector "La Isla" o'higgins Hill

This project is located in the high places of Valparaiso in a sector named the island (“LA ISLA”), it is a place of a lot of wind and very outlying.

The project raises to extend the main streets of the population from “la Isla” towards the north, where they could enjoy the sun and comfort. The form of the buildings answers to the above mentioned extension being taken down by the slope and in his roof to create big elongated squares.

Sandra Aylwin

This project has an excellent emplacement with the quarter where this one defines big lines alongados habitable.
It is these lines that construct a few slender gaps that are taken down by the slope giving a new way of living through the slope in Valparaiso.

Also the roofs public remind to us the roofs public from the Unité d´habitatio from Le Corbusier.

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