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Seasonal Affective Disorder Rehabilitation Centre. Reykjavik, Iceland.

Part 1 Project 2007
Andrew David Green
University of Lincoln, UK
The project developed as an examination of how light is captured through the use of lens based media. This continued into a rigorous, experimental and analytical investigation exploring the complexities and mechanics of motion and light.
I developed a building brief based on light therapy and its use to treat high levels of depression and suicide within arctic communities as a product of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

The building aims to become an antidote to the problem. The building is a refuge/sanctuary which provides diagnosis, therapy and treatments for sufferers of the disorder, as well as facilitating research into new treatments.

Andrew David Green

The project evolved through the use of still photography and lens-based imaging to reveal residual light 'traces' left by pedestrians and vehicles in a street. This analysis of motion, light, materials and
their associated effects took place in both site-specific and non-site environments, and led to the production of computer-based experiments
and physical light installations. These investigations informed the development of Andrew's project brief, architectural language and ultimately, his project's signature.

The building is a Study Centre for the investigation of light related human disorders. Situated in Iceland, it exhibits a clear resonance with both the physical context and its underpinning ideas.

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