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de-SCRIPT-ion: individuality/uniformity

Part 2 Project 2007
Helen Lam Wai-yin
Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
In nature, it is difficult to find two identical trees as variations always exist. This gives each tree individuality and creates uniformity with others. I am so fascinated by this phenomenon that creates the richness and harmony of nature. So, can repetition in architecture also have this kind of quality? Then repetition is not just simply identical reproduction, it has both variations of form and shares uniformity of order with others. To achieve this goal, I try to interpret variations in nature through a computer programme, and then apply my findings to develop a new design of a residential building.
Helen Lam Wai-yin

Helens final project consists of a study and an exploration. In the study she observes the formal organisation of a tree and develops an implementation which is able to generate a wide range of tree forms. In the exploration she applies this method to architecture. Using as a test object a housing tower, she explores the possibilities to generate a wide range of flats as an alternative to the rigid repetition usually encountered in Hong Kong. With this she dealt with a basic design idea, designed a working implementation, and so demonstrated an example of a design of a design.

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