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Emsworth Outdoor centre

Part 1 Project 2007
Rocky Marchant
University of Portsmouth, UK
This scheme which replaces an existing sailing centre is an outdoor activity centre that offers outdoor water sports as well as teaching. (A beginner’s external harbour and three indoor class rooms).

The site, wedged between the ‘rough’ and ‘exposed’ South Coast and a man-made ‘calm’ mill pond, was the inspiration for my building; which I envisioned as an expression of these two elements meeting. Using a series of developing sketches and experimental models, the form of this building evolved and took shape.

Flowing concrete ‘ribbons’ peal back to form rooms and spaces, as well as framing views towards the inward looking ‘harbour’ and sea.

Rocky Marchant

The design idea responded to the context, it is an organic shape inspired by the sea. This initial form determined the choice of material and the structural system within.
The design evolved from a series of physical models that start as form , and as functions are introduced , modify and develop.
The roof is expressive both inside and out. The roof element becomes a skin separating inside from outside. The conventions of walls and roof have become a layer of metal creating a dynamic in terms of the relationship to the site, but also from the interior, an expressive, sculptural space.
This scheme has engaged with the challenges that a sculptural form presents.

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