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Library Of Light

Part 1 Project 2007
Thomas Taylor
Liverpool John Moores University UK
The Library of light is envisioned as an insight into Liverpool’s past, present and
future via the medium of photography as a means of recording and celebrating
the city’s unique culture. The Library will be locally focused, a record of the people, by the people. A place for people to come together, share, learn and enjoy. A strong sense of community will be fostered, as people of all skill levels and backgrounds will be encouraged to contribute to the collection. Professionals will work with novices to create a collective archive of what it means to live in Liverpool.

Thomas Taylor

Urbanistically, the building acts simultaneously as a gateway and termination point to the axial line of historic buildings adjacent to St John’s Gardens. Furthermore, the proposal transforms the elevated carriageway into an outdoor linear park that morphs into the internal atrium of the library.
The linear arrangement of the building is analogous to the serial framing of photographic images, where we are presented with a series of individual chambers that are animated by the light entering the myriad of slits along the wall. In this sense, the simplistic, ordered skeleton of the building belies the serendipitous discovery of light.

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