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Decomposition/ Transformation/ Adaptation: THE CdGGS+65 Urban Experiment

Part 2 Project 2007
Cheok Khang Wee Dennis
National University of Singapore, Singapore

Cheok Khang Wee Dennis

There is something very poetic about this scheme. It questioned many assumptions of modern architecture. In some ways, it lurks back to the Surrealist’s attempt to regain what was lost as a result of “Functionalism”. The program is itself paradoxical and witty. It is the location of store that was supposedly not to be found; the Comme des Carcons guerilla retail store. Instead of employing strategies, the thesis employ “tactics” and drifts; the drifts of the local flaneur, the salary man circulatory path and the vagabond. Their crossings and their encounters produce tropes and metaphors which subsequently spin a possible location and its architecture.

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