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Part 2 Project 2007
Henry Bucknall
London South Bank University, UK
The programme for ICC21 explores the development of a ‘hyper-real’ environment. Film and multiple-exposure photography serve as primary media in allowing real environments to co-exist with virtual conditions.

From the testbed at Rutland Gate the structure is exploded into a multi-layered exoskeleton allowing an intimate reading of composition from each façade. Ramped paths provide fluid transition between planes, through the gallery and above the enclosed street. Here bridges span between suspended lanterns - fragments of the imposed skyline topography – which act as jewels to be ‘revealed’ as the faculty’s southern element is prised away from the dominating axis.

Henry Bucknall

Henry's Shift Faculty engineers a sophisticated relationship between two sites in South Kensington, exploring tensions between temporary and permanent structure. In both cases, skyline analysis and a mapping of overlapping penumbra and movement dynamics across and around the sites precede and inform the tectonics. Henry's drawings translate this into a kind of fuzzed-up urban lace. The servoed canopies enclosing the education, therapy, and re-education rooms of the timber building provide an antechamber to the automated solar facades of the Shift Faculty, an extension of the Imperial College campus. Together they comprise ICC21, guerrilla architecture for academia.

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