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Buddhist Brewery

Part 1 Project 2007
Will Elsigood
London South Bank University London UK
The water from a historic Holy Well on the site ties together the Buddhist Temple and Sake Brewery in a tense programme driven architectural form.
Throughout the building, forms have evolved from a crossing over of industrial need and a strong sense of Buddhist symbolism. For example, the by-product of brewing ('Holy Water' steam) is expelled via a cooling tower which in turn becomes inhabited by the Buddhists and used as a place to cleanse the mind.
The outcome is a building which can only function with the two somewhat contradictory programmes working in a delicate balance of harmony.

Will Elsigood

Buddhist Brewery

In this project the concept of combining a Buddhist temple with a Sake brewery supports an architecture rich in meaning and transendental experience.

The project emerged from a study of the morphology of the Buddhist temple and a journey of discovery.
The discovery of an ancient 'Holy Well' on the site informed the spatial development of the project.

Organic spaces and forms are derived from the intertwining of the double programme which are framed by the exterior walls. The project mediates between the very urban exterior of a city site and the interior world of human experience.

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