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Highrise HydroHostel

Part 1 Project 2007
Michail Floros
University of Greenwich UK
Two separate processes were developed to design a series of public and private spaces. The first process was to develop a 'gradient', a conceptual idea of where the elements that make up the Public functions will be placed, taking the views and orientation of the site as its foundation. The result was a free flowing circulation model where route-lines were only interrupted when they came to a private space.
The second process was to develop the private spaces using water nodes as individual loci of static immersion, soon to overflow and be filtered by the fabric of the building.

Michail Floros

The project proposes a multi-use youth hostel that takes into consideration its context, and the need for a building that’s both functional and sculptural. The given site is dense and narrow, allowing only a vertical composition. Programmatically the scheme comprises a small projection theatre, a restaurant, exhibition spaces and individuals bedrooms.
Mikail’s project plays with the perception of objects, how they are viewed from within and from without. A series of layers, of mesh, glass, or structure are intermittently flooded by the overflowing of the individual bathtubs, which acts as a cooling system, and animate the building forms and its connection to the cityscape.

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