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Fragments in Question....

Part 2 Project 2007
Tasmeen Abdool-Raheem
University of Greenwich, UK
Our production of Fragments in Question is a theatrical puzzle.
Fragments of the building that materialize from the contraption box are seized and brought to site.
The deconstruction of the contraption box unfolds in layers of simultaneous events choreographed through the Mudlark’s ritualistic movements.
As the night engulfs the surroundings and consumes the atmosphere, the now vivacious sea begins to thrive as the contraption box manifests into the composition of the theatrical building.
Precious detailing revives as the contraption box spills out into the existing fabric, bringing to life the findings from the depths of the river Thames.

Tasmeen Abdool-Raheem

For a number of years Atelier 11 have been drifting along the Thames playing 'Gateway Games'. With Tasmeen’s Mauritius and Southend roots we have found ourselves knee deep in mud on the tidal edge. The project is conceived buried down within the layer cake of the Thames bed. The Mudlarks roam the shores of the Thames by day, finding meaning in fragments, and cataloguing them by night. The building captures core elements from the water silt and marine life of the river and explores them in a highly detailed choreographed ritual performance. This reflective project breathes a new spirit into the madness of the river; movement theatre where Dickens meets the Really Wild Show.

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