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The Potential of Carved Space

Part 2 Project 2007
Doug Pearson
University of Dundee Dundee UK
Throughout my masters year I have sought to explore and document the beauty and power of carved space in architecture. The main body of research involved getting out in the feild and investigating key places such as tower houses, subterranean tunnels and cave dwellings in the U.K and abroad.
This appreciation and my subsequent analysis of positive and negative space using clay, graphite and plaster-casting dramatically influenced my design processes. These new methodologies were further tested and built on through the design of a sculptural retreat on the Isle Portland, Dorset.

Doug Pearson

Doug demonstrates a capacity to envisage the material physicality of architectural space in addition to a critical rigor in spatial organization. His talent for drawing is used initially as a means to understand place and material, then in the development and presentation of spatial ideas. Completing a more conventional (in design resolution and presentation) project in year four has enabled him to use final year to explore through alternative means - drawing, casting, carving - the possibilities of a subtractive architecture. The project is not intended as a comprehensive building design – the breif is the means to explore method.

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