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The Sea Wall of Constantine

Part 1 Project 2007
James Wignall
University of Nottingham, UK
Based upon four characters journeys along the historic walls of Constantinople, and my own navigations of the city of Istanbul, I have redefined an ancient Wallscape creating 16 stories throughout the site. The project discusses sensory architecture and the idea of what a wall can be. I have tried to create a reconciliation of the city wall and water with Istanbul. The wall will become a living part of the city again, no longer an unused defensive structure but in fact, the opposite.
James Wignall

James, in his epic project creates 16 stories concerning a walls struggle to endure Istanbul.

The 16 Stories take the form of interventions which connect through, along, below, inside, and above The Sea Wall of Constantine, to construct a poet school , restaurant and accommodation for the inhabitants of Istanbul.

Ultimately this project works on an urban scale but the details of each story are explored and explained with sufficient detail as to be understood clearly at 1:1. James thoughtfully encourages you to contemplate how a wall might bring people together in a city defined by division.

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