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Kissing Sleeping Beauty

Part 1 Project 2007
Will Delaney
Sheffield Hallam University, UK
The concept is to knit the scheme into the complex urban fabric of Scarborough.
The proposed site is situated within the threshold straddling the intimate medieval alleys of Oldborough, and the broad planned streets of Victorian Newborough.
The scheme centres on a circular multifunctional open space, the circle derived from the existing brick retaining wall. Routes out into the medieval alleyways, and into the building, are revealed.
Lightweight ‘gangways’ connect visually to the external circulation routes beyond.
A material palette of translucent panels and coloured glazing emphasises the play with the layering of external and internal spaces.

Will Delaney

This proposal is an intelligent, imaginative and seriously light hearted response to the programme and its seaside town setting. The urban analysis and response is as intricate as the immediate mediaeval morphology, yet as brave as Scarborough's regeneration aspirations. Its architectural gestures extend and enrich the urban dynamism through a desire to evoke performance. Journey, space, surface, structure, opacity and translucency are liberally changeful, even playful, but all are appropriate, precise and resolved. The new and the old, the permanent and the transient, the dramatic and the humorous, and the real and the virtual are contrasts made inextricable.

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