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The Residence

Part 1 Project 2007
Benjamin Walton
De Montfort University Leicester UK
I wanted to explore the possibility of evolving a building out of a set of very detailed and specific contextual constraints. The envelope was manipulated by these constraints in an attempt to generate the desired internal conditioning whilst maximize the buildings functionality through utilizing the minimal amount of structure.
This approach was continued in the development of the program which was grafted on to the envelope removing the boundary between structure and use allowing the two to be read and behave as one element.
The building is symbiotically liked to the site and would not have evolved with out it.

Benjamin Walton

New approaches to living and environmental efficiency are explored to minimise contextual impact and maximise the site’s potential - while reinterpreting the ambassadory residence for a university.
The typology is not only home, venue for entertainment and politics, but also symbolises the organisation’s ideals.
The design is generated through environmental data – analysed in 3D to allowing absolute efficiency of orientation, organisation and form.
Public and private form one activity loop, reinterpreting spatial requirements make best use of autonomy while creating new living models.
This outstanding ‘tailored architecture’ pushes realms of contemporary digital design beyond form-making, into a deployable generation model.

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