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Interdenominational Chapel & Replacement for Dewsbury Moor Crematorium

Part 1 Project 2007
Yasser Fadhl
Leeds Beckett University, UK
This proposal is rooted from building a connection between the physical and spiritual journeys of both the mourner and the deceased. The design is based upon an in-depth understanding of its user, the mourner, whom is seen as an unstable body.

Direction is key to the proposal’s logic. A strong interplay of architecture and landscape produce a stable form within its context and therefore creates harmony.

The relationship between different routes and escapes throughout the service echo the needs of the mourner, which are of direction and reflection.

Transition is key to the chapel of light. From the waiting area, the chapel is seen as sailing into the landscape, a view presenting the beginning of the transition to another life.

The scheme proposes a journey of choice and reflection for its mourners, but also considers that it is not just the mourners taking their journey but also the deceased.

Yasser Fadhl

The brief (provided in consultation with officers of Kirklees Local authority) asked, "Can architecture comfort, console and inspire hope?" Rooted in realism, it encouraged idealism and the investigation of symbolism and poetry in architecture.
Yasser excelled by using the context to develop what has the potential to be a consolatory spiritual journey, sensitive to the needs of the bereaved. An existing avenue is used to develop a powerful processional route; the existing contours are used to provide Pennine views around the chapel, whilst concealing service areas beneath it. The artistry of the prodigious sequence of developmental models was also notable.

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