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Part 1 Project 2008
Josie Venning
University of Plymouth, UK
The layout and aesthetic qualities of the spaces created in this project respond to the contrasting atmospheres of the site, vibrant to the north and calm to the south. Particular emphasis was placed on the relationship with the rest of Plymouth’s city centre; the form of the building creates both a vibrant public square, and a calm private courtyard. The central site was chosen to add a social and cultural dimension to a city centre currently preoccupied with shopping and consumerism.
The north end of the building, filled with the triple-height space frame, aims to entice people in to explore. As you progress through the building the spaces become simpler and calmer to allow the exhibited art to speak for itself. The Art Centre aims to be an approachable and unpretentious space that the whole community can use and enjoy.

Josie Venning

Josie took an approach to her final design project that took a point of departure from a narrative model that investigated relationships between point/node and stem. THe design process ebraced a series of rigorous models, each of which enriching the development of these series of models spatially, environmentally, inhabitably and expressively.
Josie further developed this architecture in relation to the site context, and a multi-layered study of site and model further enriched the points and nodes of the spaces within the art centre.
The concluding architecture is a series of spaces that raise questions about inhabitant, journey and locating oneself in the city.


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