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Digital Assembly: pre-fabricating architecture for singular housing

Part 1 Project 2008
Felipe Diaz Contardo
Pontifical Catholic University of Chile Santiago Chile
The objective proposed by the workshop was based in the development of a constructive modular system, which could be repeated until generate a habitable space. The challenge was to adapt this module to an existing building, allowing the growth of the house and creating new conditions.
This modular system it is based in 4 triangular pieces. Materials and measurements were strongly considered in order to maximize their use, achieve an easier transportation and simplify their construction.

In site, those pieces are assembled easily, generating self porting structures, which can be related in many different ways depending of the uses requirements. The result is a continuous surface, wall and roof at the same time, which has the ability of redefine its own organization without difficulties.

The project also considered variations of materials that were inserted into the module’s structure, in order to recognize different destinations and activities of the rooms.

Felipe Diaz Contardo

Digital Assembly: pre-fabricating architecture for singular housing

Digital manufacture
Development method
Digital model - Real Prototype

Problem: How to apply new technologies of numeric control to traditional construction?

Program: minimal housing


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