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C.A.L - Centre for Architecture & Landscape

Part 2 Project 2008
Tom Vincent
University of the West of England, UK
C.A.L. (Centre for Architecture & Landscape)

The project explored the potential for an architecture centre to act as a ‘pivot’, around which change occurs.

Located in Swanscombe, North Kent, C.A.L was conceived as just one of a series of landscape markers along a connective route between the town and a forgotten peninsula that bears the scars of a long industrial heritage – deep quarries and terraces of deposition, criss-crossed by rusting disused railway tracks.

An architectural language was developed that revealed the unique spirit of the peninsula whilst simultaneously promoting new uses of the underused landscape.

Tom Vincent

From the first site visit, Tom's fascination in the material richness, the ephemeral quality and the constant physical upheaval of the Swanscombe peninsula has guided and permeated his working process. Through modelling and material testing he has generated an architectural scheme that articulates space in an apparently simple manner that belies its complexity and richness of experience for the building user. The careful modulation of the material surfaces echoes the cut planes and terraces within the landscape. The view from the first floor offices, through the void of the covered work area, over the roof-top 'marshland' to the distant Thames is a wonderfully unexpected connection of open office to open landscape and shows the sense of humour and skill of the designer. The intervention proposed as the building is supported by thoughtful, incidental elements on the peninsula and demonstrates an ability both to think between scales and to judge the scale, design and programme of the interventions with some sensitivity to the expansive, yet strangely human landscape.

Mr Jonathan Mosley
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