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Ministry of environment

Part 2 Project 2008
Mauricio Loyola
University of Chile Santiago Chile
Ministry of Environment, Pdte. Bulnes Boulevard, Santiago

A technical project, in which arbitrary design decisions have tried to be substituted by sound operations that optimize environmental performance of the building. The facade was obtained from the study of the crossing between 5 environmental variables (heat, sunshine, light, breeze, views) and 4 actions as allowed under urban laws (enlarge, shrink, remove, add). The internal distribution was achieved mathematically studying various combinations between maximum efficiency constructive and spatial variability. The interior responds to the geometric analysis of the trail solar and natural ventilation inside. The building is a landmark in the efficient use of energy. The design uses passive sources (sun, wind, geothermal, rain) in combination with active systems. After a computer simulation, the project proved to be 42% more efficient than the neighboring building.

Mauricio Loyola

the Mauricio´s project has a great innovative design that uses all the existent environmental design tools searching a communion between the classic modern architecture that exist in its context and the responsive development that our country need for the new Chilean future.

The classical concept of ministerial building has re-invented with this building, in fact one of the most important element that exist in the project is the facade, an a great solution of a passive heat and lighting quality in all the building skin.


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