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A Pantheon of Aphorae

Part 2 Project 2008
Javier Antonio Marambio Alfaro
University of Valparaiso Valparaiso Chile
Towards Wide Beach, Chile, craggy rock
continental of Valparaiso

A cementery, a sea

A pantheon, a sky

Between the sky and the sea resides the wind

Wind that it receives to the deceased, another sea

A pantheon that spreads on cliffs

As walls brimming apiaries of amphorae

Joined in the perpetual silence.

Javier Antonio Marambio Alfaro

For his diploma, Javier Marambio chose to do a crematorium.
He decided to place it at the entrance of an existing cemetery, along a winding, cliff-hanging road overlooking the open sea: spectacular sunsets are there commonplace.
The crematorium is not exactly a building: it is rather a continuous spread of groundwork, allowing for great, articulated lengths leading to the final adieu. A parking lot, a church, and a number of flower shops along which water runs establish a sense of rhythm or succession.
Urns are kept in a series of low walls which close the whole.

Doctor Pablo Ortuzar
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