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Family Courts

Part 2 Project 2008
Bruno Giliberto
University of Chile, Chile
The Project seek to act like an articulation between the park and the city, understanding it not mere as built context but a system of relations between the many different situations which could configure landscape. It is crucial to understand that the research was oriented to the inhabitants of the project –the family on trial- involving it, and been part of it not just to resolve a building capable to operate as the legal response to some problems of this family.

The project aim is to generate a new image to express the new Chilean family court system, closer to the citizen and aiming to challenge the actual and obsolete formal structure. This challenge seeks to questioning this old system and its relations with the city itself.

The research process and its further development were organized by three basic requirements, which are expressed on:

1.-the court’s inner structure which symbolized the justice operation as is established on the Chilean law 19.968 and its requirements to operate.
2.-the architectural programme which support the court’s structure not only seeking to response to the court new needs but to the family requirements through the legal procedures.
3.-the decision to locate the court building’s site on a public park as strategy to promote the park occupation and leisure activities to enable family support through the trial process time and help to repair the family’s intimate core.

The aim to locate the building on a public park seeks to put together court building programme and park’s leisure activities, with the idea of mixing both situation and helping an already stressful process which main goal is to recover the family structure. Open-air and judicature processes as a new understanding for a more accurate and justice system of trials.

The project intent to merge into the park by using a longitudinal axis that already configures the park layout. The building position on the park fixes different points of interest which allows defining perspectives and maximum highs for each part of it. Through this positioning procedure it potentiate and enclosures the city’s horizon.

Bruno Giliberto

As. Thesis Advisor, Phd in Architecture, and thesis Professor at Universidad de Chile, familiar with Architectural programs; I can affirm that Bruno Giliberto is an outstanding candidate for RIBA President´s medals competition. Bruno possesses an excellent intellectual competence and an exceptional performance as student, I think that he is one of the best students that I had along the 15 years of academic work.
Bruno is a committed and responsive student. He devotes a lot of time reading and acquiring information not only for his research but also for personal knowledge. Bruno has a great enthusiasm on architectural discipline. Furthermore, Bruno has a genuine interest in current Chilean Architecture and particularly in the judicial buildings in relation to the new judicial reform in Chile.

As a Phd in Architecture from GaTech, Master of Architecture from University of Maryland and professor at Universidad de Chile, familiar with architectural programs, I believe that Bruno's project is not only outstanding and innovative not only as a building solution but also as a reflection around a legal and Regulatory body of knowledge and its creative implementation as architectural space.


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