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Bio - Genetic Research Laboratory

Part 1 Project 2008
Zaynib Khan
Liverpool John Moores University Liverpool | UK
What is left for human evolution? Have we now reached a point in our existence whereby we can genetically modify our own race to assure survival?

By using the human genetic code and plant cell engineering in order to grow a particular mutating cell, the Bio-Genetic Laboratory promotes a vigorous and fulfilled life. Vertical plant walls, stem cell structures and artificially grown skin tissues envelope the Laboratory, forming a dialogue between the ambiguous nature of the subject matter and the botanical ambience within.

The protected, climate controlled greenhouse is a colossal of tropical wonders. An arrangement of ‘stalactite’ pipes form the irrigation system, creating sprays and humidity levels similar to that of a rainforest. Whist mutating DNA patterns appear on the façade of the greenhouse there is a translucency to the ‘haven’ space, making an apparent realisation to our state of evolution.

Zaynib Khan

Contrary to the invisibility and secrecy that surrounds the world of science, the Bio-Genetic Research Laboratory is placed at the heart of the city centre to demythify and engage the public at large as a polemical yet positive offering.

Its contrasting landscaped gateway provides diverse routes from Renshaw Street into the new urban park of the former Central Station Service yard.

The labyrinthian, sinuous layout of the Laboratory is designed to articulate a variety of experiences for users both into and around the complex in order to reflect the ambiguous world of Genetic Science – metaphorically as an urban oasis.

Mr Philip Lo
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