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Hotel for Train Travellers, Bradford

Part 1 Project 2008
Daniel Cook
University of Sheffield, UK
This project in Bradford looks at our relationship with the built environment. Initial studies highlighted how we spend the majority of our lives unceremoniously daydreaming in space. The hotel responds to this by raising the conception of the human surroundings and reintroducing its guests back into the city. The tectonic response resonates with Edmund Burke’s reading of the sublime. The project also revealed the importance of reminiscence, since all interactions are immediately consigned to memory. And what space does not become richer when coupled to a memory? The bedrooms seek to evoke recollections of the past without conscious effort.
Daniel Cook

Early work explored the notion of transience within Society. These studies carefully mapped experiences of overnight stays within unknown environments. They highlighted an inquisitive understanding of place, experience and subsequent representation. The outcome offers not only a fantastic tectonically resolved architecture but also a subtle and varied spatial sequence for hotel guests and passers by. His ability to think creatively in 3 dimensions is apparent through the careful drawings and models. Overall this is an amazing piece of work that clearly shows a student who is able to produce stimulating architecture that is materially tactile and theoretically questioning.

Mr Satwinder Samra
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