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Creative community in Via Primavera

Part 1 Project 2009
Simón Ochoa Sierra
Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Colombia
This Project is located in Medellin, Colombia, few steps away from the emblematic Parque Lleras in the disctrict of El Poblado. This place is known for its nightlife, Clubs and Bars, but at the same time the street where the intervention takes place (Via Primavera) is known for its young fashion designers boutiques, architects and designers studios and also for the events that takes place here such as Via Primavera Basel.
With the purpose of determining the best kind of intervention for this neighborhood, a research of this entire place was made including its habitants and their habits. This research concluded in a system of architectonic components in which the project is involved. The objective of creating this system is to preserve the vocations that take place in this particular zone of the city and at the same time attract new habitants which will enrich this “urban ecosystem”.
The intention of this architectonic component is to retake the own activities of the place that occurs thank to the morphology of the block. “A porous” block conserves a high content of interaction between the people and therefore this condition of porosity becomes the departure point of this project.
With the exercise of “raising the block” and read its near space, habits proper of a first stage, are reproduced in a second, third, quarter and fifth level and with this idea the empty space begins to be used by means of the constructed space as pretext.
What one looks for is to stimulate and conserve the own activities of this neighborhood making the users to have a place to live near their work and make of their house a possible space to create and live. Also one looks for to attract new users who arrive at this district with the purpose of creating a community of creative people who will weave relations in the empty space of this construction, making possible to generate new dynamics and uses.
The proposal looks for to be integral trying to redesign the housing typologies and proposing collective spaces of integration as well as a bicycle parking.

Simón Ochoa Sierra

During the first semester of 2009 the work of the student Simon Ochoa was selected as one of the best project inside the school of architecture at la Universidad Pontificia in Medellín, Colombia.
His Work clearly accomplishes the architecture intentions defined within the parameters and the goals set to reach by the design workshop assignment. The assignment ´s main goal is to go throughout the diverse dynamics that take place inside the spaces people inhabit.
His project proposes a building that offers a mixture of living aha working spaces to suit aha support the needs and lifestyles of the people in the neighborhood who are mainly designers the project is localized in via primavera, in el Poblado, Medellin.
The projects aim was defined by a previous research that allowed the student to see and analyze how people live their everyday routines inside the city. In this particular case, via primavera is one of the places where designers, architects and people dedicated to advertisement have created their own working community blending their living and working spaces. Simon´s project was able to address all the aspects that end up creating the meaning behind a place.
The student´s framework included, among others, a philosophical reflections about the habitat theory from Martin Heidegger´s book Build, More, Think the vision from architect Christian Norberg Schulz about the habitat theory understood as the consciousness given by the architect when recognizing the place and how that relates to the concept of Genious Loci the spirit of the place and finally, the systems theory by Edgar Morán who analyzes the relationships between the parts of a whole as the way to understand a particular place as a system to be inhabit, created by happenings and urban experiences.

Prof Luis Guillermo Sañudo Vélez
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