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School of Architecture in Cristian- Brasov - Romania

Part 2 Project 2009
Cristian Oprea
Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism Bucharest Romania
Long story short: everything concerning this project started due to the words of Peter Zumthor : “ Architecture is always concrete matter. … Music needs to be performed. Architecture needs to be executed.” ( Thinking Architecture).

Two major aspects are relevant:
1. the urban profile of the design : the strategy aimed to weld two old small villages through a “valley” of Architecture. These are located not very far away from Brasov and from the major infrastructural points of communication with the rest of the country and the world ( ten minutes by car) and distinguish through a strong history of craftsmanship’s in building. This connecting valley consists in a school of architecture, a campus, and a park of architecture build gradually by the students.
2. the object – the school : due to the fact that this school has as a main objective the education through a lot of practical programs, as a result this valley becomes a whole show of architectural forms and experiments. So for this reason the Object ( the school) is conceived as a silent approach , and a simple gesture that both generates tension and moderates the dialogue between the students work and surrounding nature. Consequently the school becomes a metaphor, becomes the bridge between the human creation and nature creation. A strange object, almost abstract that lives in the quite tone of nature like an ancient sculpture in a natural environment.

Cristian Oprea

The concept presented is a beautiful story about this ideal place that gathers creation , imagination and technology in the middle of nature, under her loving wing. It is an architectural Shangri La if you want inspired by the experiment of Frank Lloyd Wright and Samuel Mockbee (Rural Studio) that can become a valuable alternative for the cultural regeneration of an amazing region.
It is an interesting approach that recovers our relation with nature and humanity , giving back to us in a kind way almost gentle, our origins as creators.

Prof Dan Corneliu Serban
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