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Part 1 Project 2009
Thomas Woodcock
University of Lincoln, UK

The project’s inspiration lies in the dystopian landscape of George Orwell’s ‘1984’ and Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis’, and also draws from a personal interest into totalitarianism. These stimuli, alongside Gilles Deleuze’s ‘Society of Discipline’ supplied a level of thought on the various degrees of power and the means of control, as well as the role of the individual within the system. Therefore an investigation was developed over three points:

_the identity within the mass
_the lack of identity within the mass
_the identity of the mass as a single entity.

These subjects were addressed through an analysis of the techniques involved within mass-production: the factory, its process and its inhabitants. Several companies were visited and evaluated, and this subsequently led to the development of a conceptual model, one which aimed to highlight and understand the impact of performing a repetitive task upon an individual involved within a mass-production process. Furthermore attempting to understand the relationship between man and machine, and the physical complexity and accuracy required to develop and maintain a successful production process.

The investigation was concluded and subsequently applied to the process of book publication, whereby an institution would be created, one which facilitated the complete procedure required to create a published volume, from the development of a writers initial manuscript, through the editing and manufacturing processes, to the physical sale of the book, all performed in a single location. Each individual and their role within the system accommodated and asserted throughout the building. This particular field was chosen due to its undertaking of transforming a writer’s unique piece of work into a mass-produced, sellable item, a single identity into a mass.

The relationships between the roles involved within the publishing process are asserted throughout the structure, restricting means of interaction between individuals, and emphasising levels of control and authority. The building facilitates, yet manipulates the production process.

Thomas Woodcock

Tom’s beautifully executed printing press on Oxford Street could best be described by Calvin Coolidge when speaking of the idolatry of the machine age stating ‘the man who builds a factory builds a temple. The man who works there worships there’. Tom has built a temple to our struggle for autonomy in a society seeking the massification of our culture.

The Authors confidence and capabilities to interrupt the complex relationship between all parties involved in the publication of a book are demonstrated throughout the project. His exploration of process and product are beautifully described in the construction of physical modeling and channeled with great restraint in to the production of a set of comprehensively detailed plans and sections.


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