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Epoch of Cultural Replenishment

Part 1 Project 2009
Jonathan Mcilroy
Ulster University | UK
Embedded within the regimented pattern of Amsterdam’s streetscape is sited Jonas Daniel Mejerplein. Memories of the past grip hold of the site and have wounded its original beauty. A site, which had much cultural interaction, expression and freedom, has been lost, yet still remaining are fragments of order. These essentially need to be gathered and replaced together to replenish the site.

Delicately positioned within the fragmented context, the scheme provides a residence for cultural exploration and expression. As each residing researcher continues to investigate in the “home” and express their work in the “gallery”, guests may meander their pathway through both physically or visually.

Where trees have been removed from the physical context, these are replaced with structure. Elements of the tree structure, being the trunk and canopy have been developed to provide a visual connection through the site. Geometry of each separate “tree” element interlinks to create one entire canopy.

The space provided is the framework yet the fourth dimension essentially required is “Time”. As time revolves around the site, patterns will continually change. This is where culture can be expressed.

Jonathan Mcilroy

This proposal embeds an All-Ireland cultural embassy programme in Amsterdam.

Recognising the simultaneous demands of guest and host, the architectural response weaves a framework for habitation, participation and exhibition into an urban site laden with memories of conflict, segregation and persecution now obscured by the pragmatics of contemporary life.

The approach echoes Josephs Beuys proposition of art as Social Sculpture. It suggests an architecture only complete when active in the investigation and expression of the creative potential of its specific social context.

Mike McQueen
3rd Year Tutor
BA Hons Architecture
University of Ulster

Mr Mike McQueen
Dr Jenny Millar
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