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Housing Odyssey - The Pursuit of Individuality

Part 2 Project 2009
Prodromos Hannides
Patrick Broggan
University of Portsmouth, UK
Each of us develops a strong bond with our dwelling through life experiences lived out in them. A home is more than just a building; It is personal place where we can express our inner nature to the wider environment, our friends and our family. Due to the UK’s multi cultural society were individuals can express their unique identity, the Housing Odyssey process strives to meet the cultural aspirations found in this unique area of the world. As such we believe that designers and communities will celebrate this new system of designing.

At present mass housing does not explore the possibilities for its inhabitants to customise their own home. The Housing Odyssey looks to explore the possibilities of a personalised home which meets code 6 but differs by allowing its occupants to work with a designer to deliver their own exclusive dwelling within a community of unique houses.

As of 2016 all UK built homes must be constructed in line with the Code For Sustainable Homes. We would like to celebrate this opportunity by taking advantage of exploring a new design language that tackles not only the issue of Code 6 but subsequently provides a personalised language which meets the needs of the individual.

This newly born process will bear no resemblance of mass house building of the past and looks to bring a cultural change for all new build homes for the future. We believe that this architectural system holds the missing piece of the puzzle for community pride and aspirations.

The process encompasses a series of checklists, parti’s and questionnaires, which are refined into a simple graphical language which enables designers to use this process to design other developments throughout the UK.
Housing Odyssey developments will produce an architecture of un-unified unity through mass customisation, were personalised dwellings are pieced together to produce a collective community of individuals.

Housing Odyssey attains a new architectural language. With the current exploration in sustainable design and advances in technology, Housing Odyssey combines these ideas and theories to produce a process that gives architecture back to the people. The people’s architecture.

Prodromos Hannides
Patrick Broggan

Every once in a while there are outstanding students who’s enthusiasm and commitment shine a light into the dark recesses of academic research – Patrick Broggan and Prodromos Hannides have most certainly achieved such enlightenment with this Thesis investigation. Working together in an uncannily symbiotic way through an ambitious programme of research, they have attempted to measure the boundaries of architectural theory against pragmatic human expectation in a uniquely practical way, providing a graphically superb, and entirely publishable “toolkit” for the designer. This exemplary achievement is the result of their combined desires to provide a social and sustainable focus throughout the design process in preference to the iconography of form. “Eco” rather than “Ego” led design is an infinitely more complex endeavour, and this “toolkit” aims to provide a guide for the designer in navigation through the design process toward a specific outcome, and provides the opportunity to design in an entirely new way and to create an “eco-centric“ architectural language. Patrick and Peter have used their own “toolkit” to explore these possibilities, and have recorded the journey as a “Housing Odyssey”, the totality of which, was in every way considered to be distinct.

David Yearley
Mary Weguelin
Design Tutors
School of Architecture
Portsmouth University

Ms Mary Weguelin
Mr David Yearley
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