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Waste to Biogas Energy Plant

Part 2 Project 2009
Eduardo Ruz Vargas
University of Chile Santiago Chile
Waste to Biogas Energy Plant

The waste managing in the cities always has been a problem with a difficult solution, given the deeply negative connotation that exists on the garbage. The current proposals limit themselves to hiding simply from the common citizen the waste externalities, failing to take advantage of its potential of being re-used and returning to the beginning in the productive chain.

One of the most innovative ways of taking advantage of the domiciliary residues is to turn them into energy of biogas, a clean, efficient system and of low cost. With a plant capable of separating the organic fraction of the residues and to sue her, it is possible to produce sufficient energy to supply the populations affected by the surrounding areas of a landfill. This offers a solution not only to whom they produce the residues, but also to whom they them receive, away from the cities.

Eduardo Ruz Vargas

Eduardo Ruz´s project involves a main current problem in large cities: waste managment. The demand for space to deposit waste in Santiago is increased by accelerated city growth.
The Proposal transforms a problem into a source of non conventional renawable energy. As we can see this goal is accomplished by a high quality design piece.
Eduardo´s complex explores the real possibilities about transforming a very damaged area located inside metropolitan region by means of a strong intervention of a beautiful scoped building whose volumes dialogues with surrounding landscape.


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