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Recycling dating urban grids

Part 2 Project 2009
Hilario Dahl Rocha
University of Palermo Buenos Aires Argentina
A cultural centre celebrating the legacy of tango in the emblematic neighbourhood that is "El Abasto".

The memory of tango and the reminiscence of a time when the Argentine capital’s passion attracted the world’s attention.

As a service to memories, architecture provides a permanent commemoration to the imprints of the past.

The architect must be alert; the city, with all of its heritage, changes and has inexhaustible power for renewal.

The necessities of the modern city bring to light the limitations to a dating urban grid.

The project proposes in its conception, a variation in this existing grid. A new urban event, a rhythmic counterpoint to the Buenos Aires block.

"El patio y las plazas" appear as mediators between public and private spaces, the building and its surroundings form a single entity.

Tango centre, museum, performance hall and library compose the proposal.

Hilario Dahl Rocha

…trying to find out the role of building envelopes…how we separate public and private .? this project is walking over this thin line..exploring the notion of porosity,the series of public rooms in the city.
Porosity talks about a new kind of urbanism composed of streams or flows of movement that cut thorough the city fabric.
The ambiguity of the building envelope presents visitors with a degree of complexity and strangeness…giving rise to curiosity and discovery..the city itself is mimetic.
Buildings and Tango are made of movements.
There is no architecture without movements and rhythm
The interaction between envelopes and movement/tango is this relationship of indiference,reciprosity and conflict..


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