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Urban Ghetto

Part 2 Project 2010
Hyae Won Lee
Korea National University of Arts, South Korea
Obviously, the border line shrinks to make field to build and sell. In 1940 there was huge farming field spread to both side of railway. And that time, the house pattern was scattered according to which part was his own field. After Korean-war, many people gather in Seoul very fast way, government decided to make urban plan for decreasing the population in castle. As fast as possible they plan to-compare to habitat scale exist at that time-road and grid residence area. As close to the highway, railway lot decrease definitely.
Because it was face to 8 line highway and attend to make commercial area. In that point of view, the railway which was not main transportation for people was good to transfer as the field for building. Also at that time, the YongSan line just used for transport oil, charcoal and goods not people. Danginri thermoelectric power plant was main energy source in whole west side of the Seoul which is not working anymore. Of course, there is very suggestive that needs change and the respond rapidly. Some part of area which was in the railway became residence and commercial where the main road passing through. So in that historical information most lots positioned linear of course there is no pass to railway and residence. But after build the residence area, there is generic border used for nothing. The awkward spaces between the present railway and house. Weeds have overrun that place and trees were never interfered to grow since Korean war. It is too awkward to make some event in that no one can reach there. This project for regenerating abandon place covered with weeds. That is awkward but natural relationship between private and public space.

Hyae Won Lee

This project’s focus on different elements juxtaposing and make new relationships and some of them are in decay which is usually happened in old city like Seoul. According to 30 years’ history, many value rise and fall. So each layer was declined, some of that remain peace by peace. She focuses on relationship between peaces which is remained until today and new one collided or come to a standstill. The common things between references like Han-river, mega structure, army district, downtown surrounded old walls and so on. Existing factors of public and addable factors of private is re-coordinated in order to make new movement. Seoul intend to make high speed of development so there are complicated and intimately connected each other. This project is meaningful discussion, because it’s tried to focus on relationships not each part seperately.

Prof Jongkyu Kim
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