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Galaxy on Earth

Part 1 Project 2010
Rana Bahaa
Arab Academy for Science & Technology, Alexandria Alexandria Egypt
What would happen if our Galaxy loses its magnetic field??And how would that disaster affect the Earth’s Gravity?!!
Galaxy on Earth is a Science Fiction Gallery. It depends on the Magnetism and Gravity laws. A New Structure system is applied by the magnetic repulsion and attraction rules. Moreover, a new texture is used by Ferro Liquid and magnets giving a dynamic feel.
The Exterior Design of the building is inspired from the movement of planets around the sun in our solar system as well as from that of particles in the atom, where the sun is the main gallery and elevators are the dynamic planets that move in a path forming the shape of the atom.
The Exhibition Hall is a zero Gravity hall where people enjoy watching 4D shows and hologram while riding floating planets. People interact with the gallery by riding those planets to reach floating biometric halls and finally their journey ends at the Floating Energy Balls Hall where it is time to imagine their future as they want it to be.
The Selected Site is El Selselah Garden infront of the famous Bibliotheca Alexandria to complete the Time Triangle (linking the Past, Present, and Future), where Bibliotheca Alexandria indicates the Past and Present while Galaxy on Earth indicates the future and its upcoming technologies.

Rana Bahaa

Thinking of a new imaginary environmental disaster that the Earth could lose its Gravitational force was a chief inspiration to establishing the architectural concept behind this project. Galaxy on Earth is a brand new architectural approach that deeply engages users in a virtual life of science fiction. It links between the outer galaxy and the Earth through a unique architectural perspective that gives users a sense of flying in outer space while still on Earth.
The Project successfully merged between physics, astronomy and architecture. It's highly noted that architectural theories of the gallery circulation weren't neglected when being combined with Physics and Astronomy studies. Moreover, merging magnetism facts with architectural designs helps Rana to develop a new magnetic structure system. Furthermore, studying the magnetic properties enriches the project by introducing new materials into the architectural field.
Galaxy on Earth is a highly-developed project coming from an inventive, daring mind that managed to combine unique architectural perspectives with distinguished interior and exterior designs as well as provide an open gate to the lands of fantasy and dreams in a hectic world, giving users relaxation and relief of their day-to-day troubles.

Dr. Mohamed Atef

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