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20M / Leisure Space in a Cherries Orchard, Agricultural Conditions Improvement

Part 2 Project 2010
Francisco PéRez
University of Talca Talca Chile
Nowadays, the available spaces to service the agro workers, within the orchard, are designed and created exclusively to accomplish the established exportation norms and protocols. These spaces are not thought for the people’s protection. In this sense the architecture is perceived as disposable and unnecessary

At the work placement territory, the majority of the families live thanks to the agriculture, transforming the place in an extension of the domestic life, making this one a new instance for social meetings. This architecture work is intended to develop into a space for leisure, a new resting area, and placing architecture where originally the option wasn’t there.

Despite the fact the orchard workers are all day in movement at the fields, they don’t acknowledge the landscape virtues or the fact they are at the middle of the nature. Therefore is truly important to create a space for stopping at the middle of the orchard, with the chance of transforming a land used to agricultural disposal into a useful space for the workers and enjoying then, the landscape that surround them.

Aiming to maintain the identity of the place and to contribute to the environment, the design is elaborated and built with agro materials that meant to be disposed. The form and the disposition of these elements are developed based on the local know-how and structural knowledge apply in these orchards, and with that the aim is that the work can be renewed and maintained by the occupiers and to be understood as autochthonous.

In order to maintain the identity of the place and contribute to the environment, design is developed and built with the reuse of agricultural materials intended for disposal. The shape and arrangement of these elements is developed based on own structural systems used on plantations of fruit trees, with the aim of the work to be renewed and be maintained by the users themselves to be recognised as autochthonous.

Integrate the adjacent landscape to the work, makes this place a single space, where natural resources such as water, trees, Sun and wind, create the perfect setting for authenticity, with which man develops the relaxation and agricultural rural rest, is carried out according to the rural identity of Chile.


Francisco PéRez

The nomination of the work of Francisco Pérez to the president´s medals student award 2010 responds to several motivations.

His approach to the work from a look deeply linked to the landscape, in this case the landscape built by the production of cherries. This approach to landscape is profound, is determined by values of shape, colour, texture and depth but does not stop only on that. The gazes of the inhabited landscape, workers in the orchard, and how this project intend to enhance the conditions of the short-term workers in the region, because now they are one of the more precarious ones of the country.

With this thought on mind he manages to generate a space not only for resting, and its values were rescued by the INDAP (agricultural agency in Chile) as possible prototypes spaces that can be repeated along the region. The insertion in the landscape is also designed through materials and know-how of the place. The proposal incorporates materials and techniques autochthonous, that they aim is to enlarge the lifetime of the work. The fact that the same temporary workers helped in building process, using the mooring techniques of the Cherry Orchard, is as well the way in which the work may be renewed and make the inhabitants feel as their own.

Francisco has shown in his great talent to work with" what is in there" and to respond at the same time according to the environment, in a beautiful, respectfull and intense manner.

His work and exhibition was evaluated with highest distinction, and with this he receives the architect degree.



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