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Trans_form_a(c)tive Agencies: Dubai Crematorium

Part 2 Project 2010
Preeti Mogali
American University of Sharjah, UAE
The project is a result of investigations into an external structure that can evolve and produce a flexible space and potential events. It started off with a study of the structure of a nano-molecule that injects into another space creating a transformation within. The structure I designed was refined further to accommodate skin and form to generate architectural space directly affected by mechanical transition.

The site is situated in Bur-Dubai next to the Creek close to the Hindu temple, which is predominantly a Hindu society. My program came about as a response to the urban lack of a proper crematorium and space, for the rituals and rites accompanying Hindu burial. The only existing crematorium is far away on the outskirts of Dubai, and not close to any temple region to perform the last rites. The transitioning of the structure is tribute to the Hindu belief of a soul’s transition into its rebirth.

The structure evolves three times, each with its specific program. The skin and form manipulates to control light and space. Every change in evolution comprises of a greater level of privacy.

Preeti Mogali

In her project ‘Trans_form_a(c)tive Agencies: Dubai Crematorium’ Preeti Mogal explores aspects of the Hindu culture in Dubai and expresses these architecturally. By bringing something of her own tradition she makes a contribution to this multicultural city in the form of a public space and performance.

In her early research, Preeti discovers the lack of adequate crematorium facilities in Dubai. In fact currently there is only one and this is hidden in an industrial area of the city. Given the importance of rituals of the Hindu religion and the burial process as a transition to ‘another life’, she proposes such programme in a prominent site facing the Dubai Creek.

Her early design research explores notions of ‘healing’ through mechanical devises. These develop to notations and a narrative of changeable spaces and adaptive environments. The architectural event and language are defined through scale, materiality and detail.

Her work is provocative and political and the outcome responsive to the site, program and her own design process. She handles very well the rituals of the Hindu tradition set in another geographic location.

Preeti is a very talented architecture student at the College of Architecture, Art and Design of the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. Following her graduation in 2010 she has been accepted to continue her education to a post-graduate programme in the UK.

George Katodrytis, RIBA


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