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Part 1 Project 2011
Anthony Bonnici
Kingston University Kingston | UK
The project is a proposed satellite for the British Museum in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire housing Roman Mosaics located in dense woodland along a disused stretch of Ermine Street, a Roman route. Drawn from the studio’s theme “Permanence” I went on to develop a design thesis, Lining at Seaton DelaVal Hall, Northumberland and Cornhill, City of London.

The concept for the building is focused on careful alterations in materiality, construction and treatment, allowing a shift in acoustics, ambience, light and attitude towards each space. Not to be seen as purely aesthetic, lining a building can articulate the function and quality. As a project my interest lies in the tension between the desired atmosphere of a room and the more pragmatic means of its realisation in relation to contemporary construction and its permanence.

Anthony Bonnici


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