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Part 1 Project 2011
AméLie Rigaud
Marie-AnaïS Pinston
Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-la-Villette 75019 Paris France
The project is set in Paris 14th district, on an un-built lot. It takes into account architectural, urban and constructive considerations as well as social, environmental and landscape issues. The new imperatives of sustainable development became an utmost support for social and architectural quality of the design.

The complex arrangement of multi-family dwellings, workshops, flat-sharing for students and studios for disabled people, a common area with a kitchen, a laundry and a shared freezer room created an interesting challenge in weaving bonds between spaces and different kind of inhabitants. But also caring about our future environment.

The lot being connected to two different streets with its own features was all the more inspiring. Hence, the main facade “Rue de Plaisance” is part of an old district for field workers, rather mineral without any green spaces. On the other hand, the “Rue des Thermopyles” is a pedestrian path through little houses, trees and flowers.

Thus, we decided to organize the project around a garden, which was a part of the urban footprint. Therefore, we placed the multi-family dwellings in the main building, a “maisonnée” at the bottom of the lot and two separate workshops. All these buildings are linked altogether by the shared spaces playing the role of kneecap, attracting people.

The scheme required going back and forth different scales from urban (1/500) to detailed scales (1/10) which were really thrilling. It was motivating our will to create a consistent design. Materials were chosen accordingly to the urban environment:
-External insulation with concrete frame and terra cotta for the main building.
-Timber framework and timber cladding for the “maisonnée”.
-And copper cladding on top of concrete framework for the workshops.

All materials and designs are creating a really soft and pleasant atmosphere to relax and live peacefully in this little area, gathering people from all horizons.

AméLie Rigaud
Marie-AnaïS Pinston

Prof Andreas Christo-Foroux
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